with your
Loved Ones

Why Is It Special


This location tracking app is made with simple user interface, so anyone can use it easily to track family members and friends.


Apart from tracking the location of your loved ones, one touch emergency button is incorporated to get notified of an emergency instantly to ensure safety


This app is available for both android and ios platform. So, anyone with android phone or iphone can use this app.

Ensure Family Safety with Realtime Location Tracking!

By using the latest technologies, we built the smart location tracking app that lets you stay connected with family members to be able to ensure their safety and also get realtime notification of where they go about their day.

Awesome Features

Location Tracking

Track the location of your family and friends to make sure of their safety and have peace of mind.

RealTime Notifications

Get Notification of your loved ones when they reach their destinations in realtime.

Emergency Alert

One Touch Emergency button instantly notifies all connected members about an emergency to be able to receive help from them.

Location Timeline

App saves the location history of connected Members so as to track their past locations.


Stay connected with your loved ones 24x7 being anywhere in the world !.

Accurate Locations

Get Accurate and detailed location information of your famiily members through the use of this app.

App Screenshots

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