Collecting, controlling, transporting,
and analyzing data from the field

Services M2M & iOT Integrations

Engineering solutions are our forte. We remained in technology over these years. Our M2M solutions for medical instruments are so proven that it automate entire life cycle of pathological laboratories.

Our GPS solutions are built over iOT technologies and stands a distinct place in the market. We integrate solutions with PLC controllers and GSM cards to handle huge data over internet and provides remote access of the machinery for service & support.

Why PAM Technologies

  • 25+ years presence in software industry
  • 50+ man-years experience of core team
  • Provide deep domain knowledge
  • Cost effective - High quality development
  • Deliver complex products
  • Provide customer focused dedicated team
  • Build robust & secured solutions
  • Post delivery maintenance & support

About M2M Integrations

M2M is about connecting a device to the cloud, managing that device, and collecting machine and sensor data. In essence, M2M is about connecting and communicating with a “thing” where a thing can be a machine, device or sensor…. Basically anything that can send data.

iOT goes beyond M2M… beyond computers connecting to things. iOT represents things connecting with systems, people and other things. Things includes machines, devices, sensors, consumer products, vehicles, etc. Systems includes business applications, ERP/CRM systems, analytics systems, data warehouses, and control systems. People includes workers and consumers.

Which technologies we use?

Software Platforms, DEs, Plug-in Operating Systems Browser Compatibility
Software Platforms, DEs, Plug-in
  • Microsoft (.NET, VB, C++, C#)
  • Java, J2EE, J2ME
  • Open Source (PHP, Joomla, Drupal)
  • VB, Java Scripts
  • JSON, jquery
  • Mono .NET
  • XML
  • Asterisk Telephony
  • AJAX
  • Google API
  • Mapping Objects
  • Google KML
Operating Systems
  • Windows (Server, 7, 8, 10)
  • Linux (Redhat, SUSE)
  • iOS
  • Android
Browser Compatibility
  • Microsoft Edge, IE
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
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